The Canadian Multifaith Federation (formerly Ontario Multifaith Council) is the representative body of the faith communities across Canada.

CMF Vision, …. details coming soon…

OMC Vision

The Ontario Multifaith Council is committed to effective multifaith cooperation, dialogue, and research to promote the provision of the highest quality of spiritual and religious care for Ontario citizens including those in government-operated or funded institutions.


The Ontario Multifaith Council is dedicated to working with related agencies and organizations in Ontario in order to promote timely provision of adequate and appropriate spiritual and religious care for persons in care.

OMC Goals

  • to provide products and services as it relates to information about the different faith groups that constitute its membership
  • to maintain the relationship with the Regional Multifaith Committee’s, correctional facilities, hospitals and other institutions where spiritual and religious care services may be required within the Province of Ontario.

OMC Objectives

  • to expand its scope to a national level and to establish regional representatives for the province and territories of reflect in the mission statement the intention to include all faith groups in OMC memberships
  • to advocate for a better understanding of the need for religion and spirituality in Canadian society
  • to be an advisory body to public, private, not-for-profit, academic and voluntary sectors and the general public on matters related to the provision of spiritual care and protection of religious rights
  • to be a credible source for all information on faith and religious diversityto develop partnership relations with like-minded organizations and other related organizations; and to create a platform for information sharing
  • to develop relations with all levels of government and related government agencies to further the goals and objectives of the organizationto advocate for faith communities within the Canadian context on matters of mutual interest and consensus
  • to promote access to adequate and appropriate spiritual and religious care for people in care of government institutionsto provide professional assessment of spiritual and religious care services in government institutions
  • to provide screening of spiritual and religious care providers in the area of competency to work in a multifaith context
  • to develop and conduct religious sensitivity trainingto expand the organization’s service to provide direct services in the area of spiritual and religious care, e.g. brokerage of chaplaincy services
  • to develop relevant publications, offer resource facilities and eng
  • age in researchto engage in charitable activities and social service initiatives with a focus on youth