Consultation Services

CMF (formerly OMC) provides a range of consultative services for private, public, not-for-profit, academic and faith sectors in matters related to the provision of spiritual care and the protection of religious rights.  Ontario is becoming increasingly more diverse and, as a result, there is a growing need for research, training, education and advocacy.  CMF is at the forefront of addressing these institutional and community needs.

The CMF Board of Directors is comprised of membership from appointed leaders from religious organizations, institutions and communities.   Our membership serves as a source for authoritative information and advice approved by the respective faith groups.  This can prove useful in matters related to policy and program development.  For example, provided authoritative input and advice to the development of Government of Ontario policies for the protection of religious rights for individuals incarcerated in Ontario correctional facilities.  If a government staff (e.g. correctional officer) is unclear about the provisions that are required to provide an inmate to observe their religious practices while in jail, the CMF provides with authoritative certainty the approved minimum observances and standards required.  Similar advice can be provided for other facilities such as health and long-term care institutions, schools, etc.

Authoritative information on religious practices and traditions

  • developed the Multifaith Information Manual publication
  • facilitated the development of the first guide for Religious Accommodation for the Toronto District School Board (1990s)
  • developed a report on the Ritual Use of Wine by Ontario Faith Groups
  • developed a universal/multifaith prayer document for the Ontario Legislature
  • researched dietary requirements, religious ritual hygiene, and time of death practices & rituals


  • facilitate research on faith-related matters based on individual requests
  • host an annual educational conference for spiritual and religious care providers and other related sector professionals
  • host an annual Spiritual and Religious Care Awareness week along with resources
  • provide multifaith sensitivity training