CMF Educational Conference

October 4, 2018, 9 AM to 4 PM


CMF Educational Conference on October 4, 2018

Theme – Intersection of Government & Faith – details (venue, program, TBA). Bookmark for latest updates



  • The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC), Nipissing University and Canadian Multifaith Federation (CMF) invite you to: Training on the OHRC Policy on preventing discrimination based on creed Friday, November 25, 2016. See More details
 London Educational training event, Nov 3, 2016 (9 AM - 4 PM)
 Canadian Multifaith Federation (CMF)  is organizing a full day training on the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) Policy on preventing of discrimination based on creed.  The OHRC will be providing the training content.This training features:– An overview of key issues in the new OHRC policy including:
 – forms of discrimination based on creed
 – duty to accommodate creed beliefs and practices
 – accommodating Indigenous spiritual practices (new section)
 – Interactive scenario-based learning drawing from legal cases
 When:  Thursday November 3, 2016
 Where: Islamic Centre of Southwest Ontario, London
 Email:; Tel:  (416) 422-1490; Fax: (416) 422-4359


CMF Educational Conference 2016



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2014 Deepening Understanding of Religious Diversity

Mississauga Ram Mandir, 270 Export Blvd, Mississauga, On  L5S 1Y9


This conference focused on the growing diversity within religious and spiritual traditions focusing on areas such as intra-faith diversity, varying differences in doctrinal theologies, daily practices and observances.  This conference assisted participants to deepen their understanding of religious and spiritual diversity by delving into the practical implications for front-line service providers and caregivers.

Registration for this 2014 conference is now closed. Please contact us for further assistance.


image Rev. Kevin Rogers



9:15 AM Opening Remarks

Christine Martins, MPP (Davenport)                  Download audio file

9:30 AM Plenary Session A

The Big Sort: Religion, Secularism & Misunderstandings in Canada’s Public Sphere
Presenter: Brian Carwana, Encountering World Religions

As Canada becomes increasingly multicultural with a growing diversity of both religious and non-religious outlooks, the relationship between religion, religions and secularism is under continual investigation and negotiation.  This talk looked at how religion has been historically understood and defined in Canada and what implications this has for how Canadian law, legislatures and the public react to religious behaviours.

05-09-2014-powerpoint-logo Download presentation on “The Big Sort”

10:45 AM Concurrent Workshops

Workshop A – Faces of Islam
Presenter: Dr. Hussein Khimjee

This workshop provided participants with an overview of the cultural, religious dynamics within the religion of Islam.  It explored the basic common themes and differences in beliefs & practices within Sunni, Shi’a and Sufi traditions of Islam.  The workshop included the unique experiences of practicing Islam in the Middle East, Caribbean and Asian cultural contexts.


05-09-2014-powerpoint-logo Download presentation on “Faces of Islam – Part 1”

05-09-2014-powerpoint-logo Download presentation on “Faces of Islam – Part 2”


Workshop B – Faces of Buddhism
Presenter: Professor Bryan Levman, University of Toronto

This workshop provided participants with an overview of Theravada, Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhism with a focus on the commonalities and differences in beliefs and practices.  It  gave a look at the cultural influences of Buddhism as it has developed over the centuries in its movement through the Asian continent and throughout the world.

Workshop C – Sikhism & Human Rights
Presenter: Balpreet Singh Boparai, Legal Counsel, World Sikh Organization

This workshop highlighted some of the civil and human rights issues experienced by the Sikh community ranging from racism and xenophobia, to discrimination for articles of faith.  Workshop participants received details regarding the current status of these human rights cases and incidents within Canada.

image  image

05-09-2014-powerpoint-logo Download presentation on “Sikhism & Human Rights – Part 1

05-09-2014-powerpoint-logo Download presentation on “Sikhism & Human Rights – Part 2”


1:00 PM Plenary Session B

But…are they religions, sir?
Presenter: Hiren Mistry, Peel District School Board

The presentation addressed the challenges of teachings religion inclusively in Ontario’s increasingly diverse World Religions classrooms.  It draws on more than a decade of reflection and teaching about world religions in some of the GTA’s most diverse neighbourhoods.  The presentation used the case study of teaching Indian cultural traditions as religions (Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, etc) to address some of the limitations of the world religion concept, and religion as an organizing concept for culture.

05-09-2014-powerpoint-logo  Download the presentation “But…are they religions, sir?”


2:15 PM Concurrent Workshops

Workshop D – The Religions of India: How are they related?
Presenter: Dr. Sehdev Kumar, University of Toronto

This presentation provided a colourful overview of the historical and philosophical connections between the Dharmic traditions of the Indian subcontinent: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.  Focus placed on the commonalities and differences in beliefs and practices.

image  image


05-09-2014-powerpoint-logo Download presentation on “Religions of India – Part 1”

05-09-2014-powerpoint-logo Download presentation on “Religions of India – Part 2”


Workshop E – The Aboriginal Community of Peel Region
Presenter: Cat (Mark) Criger, University of Toronto Mississauga Campus

This workshop provided an overview of The Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation and other Aboriginal Communities in Peel Region.  Participants gained an understanding of the local Aboriginal groups that provide cultural services, programs and events for the growing Aboriginal population.  In addition, participants explored the contributions of Aboriginal spirituality to building peace among all religious traditions.

Workshop F – Panel Discussion: Religions of the World
Presenters: Rev Pat Felske (Scientology), Bahaa Guirguis & Sam Fanous (Coptic Orthodox), Liz Chappel (Baha’i) 

This workshop included a panel presentation with representatives from three faith traditions (Coptic Orthodox, Baha’i, and Scientology) to discuss the beliefs & practices of their religious traditions.

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Brian Carwana,
Encountering World Religions

Dr. Hussein Khimjee

Bryan Levman, University of Toronto

Balpreet Singh Boparai,
World Sikh Organization

Hiren Mistry, Peel District School Board

Dr. Sehdev Kumar, University of Toronto

Cat (Mark) Criger,
Mississaugas of New Credit

Liz Chappel, Baha’i Assembly of Canada

Bahaa Guirguis
Sam Fanous
Coptic Orthodox Church

Rev. Pat Felske, Scientology