Multifaith Competency Screening Certification: How To Obtain a Certificate* Or Renew**

*The Canadian Multifaith Federation (CMF) (formerly, Ontario Multifaith Council, OMC) provides a service that ensures Spiritual and Religious Care Providers (Chaplains) have sufficient knowledge and experience to provide and coordinate spiritual care and religious services in a multifaith setting. A competency process has been developed to enable candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of multifaith issues and their ability in working with persons from diverse faith backgrounds.

CMF recommends this certification to be a prerequisite for Spiritual & Religious Care positions in public, private, not-for-profit and academic institutions.  Many sectors have included this certification as an additional step in the hiring process.  Other sectors have used this certification for their volunteers working in the areas of spiritual and religious care.

CMF conducts competency interviews at various times throughout the province. Using a standard format, based on the necessary professional competencies, the Competency Committee seeks to determine the candidate’s knowledge and skills for work in a multifaith environment. The Competency Committee takes notes during the interview and after consultation informs the candidate of its decision.

Successful candidates receive a letter of Recommendation and certificate attesting to their competence. Competency is valid for five years. Candidates, who are not successful, are given information about the areas they need to address. Unsuccessful candidates may appeal the Competency Committee’s decision to the CMF and may be granted another interview. Competency documentation is confidential and is kept on file for five years.

NOTE: There is a processing fee of $250.00 which must accompany the candidate’s application.
Along with the application the candidate must submit a current resume, and a currently valid police clearance certificate.


**Renewal of your Competency Certificate. Ask: