Multifaith Information Manual 6th ed. (English)

Posted on October 6, 2012


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As Canada moves towards a more diverse society it is imperative that individuals charged to care, educate and protect our citizens be made aware of the practical implications of diverse religious beliefs. The Multifaith Information Manual provides concise information which takes some of the mystery out of management of religious diversity.  This manual reflects the broad spectrum of discipline and practice which is the celebration of spirituality in our diverse communities. It has been enlarged, expanded and re-written in response to readers’ feedback to make it more convenient and useful.

The provision of spiritual and religious care in Canada is supported by the member faith traditions which comprise the Canadian Multifaith Federation (CMF) (formerly, Ontario Multifaith Council, OMC). The concept and realization of this Multifaith Information Manual have evolved from work begun in 1986. Throughout the evolution of this document, the principle of presenting the authentic voice of each faith tradition has been a constant. It is retained and enhanced in this edition.

Each chapter in the Manual explores themes, such as, Basic Beliefs, Sacred Books, Worship, Structure, Divisions, Leadership, Rituals, Laws, Dress, Diet, Sacred Symbols, Death & Dying, and Holy Days & Festivals. Also included, for the first time, in this edition are Suggested Readings and a Glossary of Common Terms in Spiritual and Religious Care.

This Manual also covers many more practical and ethical issues around care for believers of different faiths–at the end of a chapter are Frequently Asked Questions and faith-based responses (FAQs).

Considerably expanded this edition covers new chapters on Scientology, Coptic Orthodox, Macedonian Orthodox, Spiritual Baptist, Humanist, Taoism, Spiritualist Church of Canada, Methodist, Quaker, Cao Dai, Centres of Spiritual Living, Eckankar and Unification Church.

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