Spiritual & Religious Care Awareness Week (SRCAW), color poster

Posted on June 20, 2018

Spiritual & Religious Care Awareness Week (SRCAW) October 15-21, 2018

 Theme : Diversity in Spiritual Care

Spiritual and Religious Care Awareness Week celebrates the work of providers of Spiritual and Religious Care, and focuses our attention on the challenging work of these individuals and teams. The Canadian Multifaith Federation provides free materials to help you to recognize the valuable work of your Chaplains and other spiritual care providers during Spiritual and Religious Care Awareness Week.

Spiritual and religious care is provided in institutions by chaplains, by spiritual and religious care providers, and sometimes by social workers and Native Institutional Liaison Officers. Hospitals, correctional centers, long-term care facilities, mental health centers, and university campuses are among the many places where spiritual care is delivered by professionals and volunteers.

Why do we celebrate Spiritual Care Workers?

Spiritual and Religious Care Providers are among the least well-recognized caregivers in our communities. This is a week in which we reflect on the importance of those who provide Care of the Soul to people in distress.

What do they do?

  • When you are scared, lonely, confused, angry or disillusioned, Spiritual and Religious Care Providers will listen, clarify and share your pain.
  • A Spiritual and Religious Care Provider, or Chaplain, is a guide who offers spiritual direction in times of crisis, questions and wondermen
  • Your Spiritual and Religious Care Provider or Chaplain offers counselling and support, and when asked, will contact representatives from your own faith group to assist in your care and comfor
  • Your Spiritual and Religious Care Provider serves those of any faith, and those of no particular faith.

How Can People Participate?

You can participate by contacting the Spiritual Care department, or the chaplain, of your local hospital, long-term care facility, prison, school, or community program, and offering your service. The Care of Souls is difficult but rewarding work, and can only be achieved through one human being stretching out a hand, and an ear, to another.

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