Authoritative responses to today’s challenging religious issues


The Canadian Multifaith Federation develops and makes available multifaith resource materials for religious and spiritual caregivers, educators, and others.  These products include reports with authoritative information on religious practices and traditions. Our most popular resource is the Multifaith Information Manual (6th Edition) provides concise information which takes some of the mystery out of management of religious diversity. The manual is a creative response to the growing diversity of the Canadian population. Providers of care or service within institutional or community-based environments will find this manual an indispensable tool for managing religious diversity issues.

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A commitment to diversity and the communities we work in has always been at the heart of the CMF ethos. It defines our approach to our work, to our clients and collaborators, and to each other. It underpins our continuous research into the many factors driving change in our world, and our commitment to developing and applying the skills, tools and technologies needed to support growingly diverse work forces in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.