Regional Multifaith Committees

Over the past forty years, the OMC has offered services through a structured group of regional bodies called Regional Multifaith Committees (RMC).  These committees seek to preserve and improve the high quality of religious services and spiritual care in government facilities, community-based programs and transfer payment agencies.  This is accomplished by:

  • authoritative information on religious practices and traditions
  • advocate for appropriate spiritual care and religious services for Ontario citizens
  • sourcing and distribution of authentic religious materials
  • education and training
  • community development

These services were focused on provincially-operated correctional facilities, health care institutions, long term care facilities and youth ministries.  Historically, the majority of these services were based on a formal agreement, called the Memorandum of Agreement, between the faith communities of Ontario and the Government of Ontario.

  • Providing multifaith support for Religious services and Spiritual Care Providers in correctional facilities, centres for persons with developmental disabilities, hospitals and long-term care facilities.
  • Providing multifaith training and education for Spiritual and Religious Care Providers and faith group volunteers.
  • Sponsoring information sessions and educational events for faith group leaders, political representatives and the public.
  • Supporting and working with local faith communities and other organizations that have an interest in religious services and spiritual care and interfaith activity.
  • Maintaining ongoing relationships with community faith groups at the local, regional and provincial level.
  • Supporting Community Chaplains and faith community volunteers who assist persons leaving provincial correctional institutions to return to their communities.
  • Facilitating communication between Spiritual and Religious Care Providers and representatives of government institutions, community programs and transfer payment agencies.
  • Monitoring the provision of religious services and spiritual care in the region’s institutions.
  • Serve as the means through which the objectives and functions of the OMC are implemented at the local/regional level.
  • Provide input to the OMC or the development of standards, policies and procedures for the provision of spiritual and religious care.
  • Provide input to OMC on local spiritual and religious care issues.
  • Provide multifaith spiritual and religious care resources for chaplains in government institutions and transfer payment agencies.
  • Ensure the availability of persons with adequate understanding, ability and qualification, and with appropriate standing within their Faith Group to provide spiritual and religious care in government institutions and transfer payment agencies by screening potential candidates for chaplaincy postions in government institutions and transfer payment agencies.
  • Provide personal and spiritual professional support to chaplains and providers of spiritual and religious care.
  • Encourage Faith Groups and local faith communities in their acceptance of, involvement with and care for persons who are or have been in government institutions and transfer payment agencies.
  • Represent the OMC at the local/regional level on committees, boards, councils relating to service delivery mechanisms.
  • Promote the on-going development of a culture of mutual understanding, respect and acceptance of all people within governmental institutions and transfer payment agencies;

The Ontario Multifaith Council has regional representation across the province of Ontario, with Regional Multifaith Councils located in the following areas.

South West

  • Windsor-Chatham-Sarnia >Rev. John Stevenett, Chair:
  • London-Kitchener-Stratford > John DeVries , Chair:
  • Brantford-Hamilton-Niagara > Dr. Gopi Menon, Chair :, and Jean Ruttan-Yates, Vice-Chair,
  • South Central > Earl Smith, Chair :; vice chair : Rev. Stewart Deller

South East

  • North Central > Barbara Moulton  Chair:
  • Kawartha-Lakeshore > Reverend George Best, Chair:; Donald Igbokwe, Vice-Chair: and Elizabeth Rahman;
  • South East >  Rev. Rob Campbell, Chair:;

North East

  • North Bay > Marty Brown, Chair :
  • Sudbury
  • Algoma > Amanda Zuke, Chair:
  • Timmins > Rev Wayne Mills, Chair:

North West

  • Thunder Bay
  • Sunset Country > Joleene Kemp, Chair: