What's the theme for this year's Spiritual & Religious Care Awareness Week?

October 19-25, 2015

Theme: Mental Health: Cultural and Religious Dynamics

SRCAW 2015 Handbook


More details are coming.


2014’s theme is “Deepening Understanding of Religious Diversity” to focus on the intra-faith diversity in all religious traditions. Check out the webpage on this week.

Important date to remember:  October 13 – 19, 2014

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Frank Smith posted on 2014/07/31 at 3:47 AM

That sounds really interesting since I'm always wondering more about the different kinds of Hindus, Buddhists and other religious traditions different from my own…I used to think there was one kind of Buddhist!

John.Lougheed@grhosp.on.ca posted on 2014/11/27 at 3:33 PM

Hi folks,

Are the dates for Spiritual Care Awareness Week 2015 known yet?

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